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Start with ME

Mindset is an established set of attitudes toward life.

Your mindset and belief system affect everything in your personal and professional life.

A behavioural change enables you to achieve your results and goals.

A mindset shift enables you to achieve your aspirations.

Let the Journey to Reach Your Potential Start with ME.

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From ME to WE

Inspiring ConneXion’s belief centres around the one core truth that Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.

Thus, the model, method and approach for all we do are built upon our desire to influence others effectively.  We embrace the John Maxwell Team culture and values and we endeavour to “Be good at what we do and great at who we are.”
Let your journey from ME to WE influence others to exceed their personal best like you do.

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Mar 2024

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Feb 2024

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Conflict Resolution with a Win-Win Outcome


Mar 2024

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Develop Your Assertiveness

Mar 2024

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Feb 2024

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Essential Supervisory Skills (full)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Potential and How do I Reach it?

Start from understanding your VITALS:

Values, Interests, Temperament, Around the Clock Activities, Life Mission and Goals, Strengths

Does Temperament Influence My Career?

Temperament refers to your natural preference to response to the world. It is consistent across situations and over time, so it can impact our interaction with people and our working styles.

What is career development plan?

Career Development Plan comprises of short term and long term goals that help you get to the next level in your career. Mapping out your future career will definitely keep you motivated and inspired at work, increase your productivity, and strengthen your workplace relationship.

What is a training strategy?

training strategy is built to achieve an educational goal in an organisation. It helps improve employee engagement and increase retention. It can also increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization if done right.

Does Coaching improve Performance?

‘Everyone needs a coach.’ – Bill Gates

Effective coaching is a partnership that maximizes human potential. Coaching will help you break through performance barriers, empowering you to be the expert of your own success. 

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