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Career Development Programme

Gone are the days when we only have a career of a lifetime. Do not get too caught with your employment and neglect your employability. We want to inspire you to shift your Career Mindset from Employee to Entrepreneur Mindset. This is where you will learn to develop your career development plan and build your career path aligned with your competencies.
Let your Future begin with Inspiring ConneXion.

Complimentary 30-min ConneXionCareer Interest Profiling

Custom-Built Training Programme

B2B co-creation is a powerful way to co-create new business value with our clients and to create new business impact by solving unmet organisational needs and problems.
Inspiring Connexion co-create customized training with our partners considering 3 important factors.

  1. Identify the unmet organisational needs and problems.
  2. Understand the profile of learners.
  3. Align the training objectives with business objectives.

We inspire training and coaching solutions that are sustainable and enable you to raise both your professional and organisation capabilities.


John Maxwell Team Programme

The John Maxwell Team (JMT) is equipped with the best leadership tools, skills and resources to enhance your success in both your personal and professional life. The JMT training and coaching programme offered in Inspiring ConneXion is based on John Maxwell bestselling books.
Note that the JMT Programme can be run independently or incorporated into your custom-built training programme.

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Susan Lim

Hi, I’m Susan. I belong to the John Maxwell family of elite coaches, teachers, speakers, leaders and professionals, who takes our training, talents, and skills to people all over the world very seriously. My calling is to “Add value to people all over the world.”  With more than 20 years of teaching and training experience, I aspire to make a difference in the lives of those I meet. It is my desire to empower you to exceed your personal best. Being the principal trainer and consultant for Inspiring ConneXion, I am devoting myself to

  • Achieving strategic agility with my business partners
  • Becoming an ‘Omakase‘ trainer and coach that inspires you to innovate
  • Creating a WOW! factor that leaves you craving for endless learning!
Susan Photo
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