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Develop Team Leaders through Capability Development & Coaching

Physical Training

Course Objectives The effectiveness of a manager is highly interlinked with the proficiency and performance of his or her team members. A manager who makes the effort to instil a positive learning culture and regularly seeks to empower team members with new skills will eventually build a high-performing and adaptive team. Team members will also […]

Coaching For Performance – Develop Your People

Physical Training

Heading a team and feeling clueless about how you can get the best out of your talented, dynamic team members? Coaching them would be your best bet. By coaching your employees, you do not only increase the effectiveness of your organisation but also achieve higher retention of your most precious and essential asset – your […]

Skills Framework for EC sector

Virtual Live Class

New preschool or early intervention educators, who have just joined the sector, require plenty of support to help them become accustomed with the work demands and expectations of their new roles. Likewise, experienced educators who have never been formally trained on how to manage their own performance may benefit by knowing what it takes to […]

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