Effective Communication In Customer Service

Virtual Live Class

Dale Carnegie said it very well: “No matter what your line of work, even if it is in one of the technical professions, your degree of success depends on your ability to interact effectively with other people.” In customer service, we take care of our customer’s needs and hence, improving your communication skills can bring […]

Develop Your Assertiveness

Physical Training

Is the lack of assertiveness keeping you from fulfilling your potential and reaching your goals? Is assertiveness a people skill and quality you would like to acquire to naturally attract people to respond to you positively? Many of us do know that being assertive means having a greater sense of self-worth and confidence without being […]

Essential Supervisory Skills

Physical Training

Management is never an easy job, especially when you are new to it. In the past, you only needed to worry about meeting your key performance indicator (KPI) but now, you are leading an entire team! That comes with a lot of responsibilities and expectations to deal with. In this programme, we will look at […]

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