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Start with MEFrom ME to WE

Training Delivery Methods

We offer 3 training delivery methods for your consideration:

  1. Classroom training
  2. Virtual classroom training
  3. Training + CoachingParticipants who took part in the training programme will meet the trainer coach for a one-on-one 30-minute virtual coaching session 3–4 weeks after the training programme.

Start with ME 

We believe life gets better when you do, that applies to both your personal and professional life. We want to partner with you in your learning and development journey so that you can exceed your personal best.



DISC measures 4 factors of an individual’s behaviour: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. The 5th different factor has been researched and introduced to this programme.

MindsEt Change

Change is inevitable. 2020 marks the year of change. It requires a mindset shift to embrace change positively. In this programme, we will learn the impact of change, challenge our limits and learn to think positively.

Coach ME

This programme focuses on 5 essential skills: Communication 101, Professionalism 101, Emotional Intelligence 101, Motivation 101, Leadership 101. We will also learn the basics of self-coaching.

The Assertive ME

Assertive is a science that can be understood and an art that can be learnt. We will learn to adopt assertive curiosity in problem-solving and assertive thinking to optimise results for team success.


Brand ME

Personal branding is a powerful career strategy that brings opportunities to our doorstep. In this programme, we will learn the basics of branding ourselves. building our network and expanding our influence.

Grow ME

This programme focuses on 5 conceptual skills: Critical Thinking 101, Collaboration 101, Creative Thinking 101, Present Information 101, Problem Solving 101. You will also learn the basics of self-coaching.

From ME to WE

“Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the successes.” -Zig Ziglar



One of the strengths of the DISC Model is identifying DISC styles of others. DISC addresses observable behaviours and can help us make better-informed judgments about the person and learn more about him/her. 

WE Change our MindsEt

2020 marks the year of change. Has the old and fixed mindset limited the progress of your organisation? In this programme, we will learn you could lead, implement and manage change, and achieve sustainable results.

WE Coach

This programme focuses on building a Coaching Culture and a High-Performance Organisation. We will also cover the roles of a workplace coach and the difference between coaching and mentoring.

WE resolve Conflicts

If you want to achieve greater success working with people, be it face-to-face or remotely, you need to get on top of conflict resolution fast. You need to learn and practice relevant communication skills.


WE are Problem Solvers

Critical Thinking is the key to creative problem-solving in business. They are the trinity key skills for this uncertain future, especially when remote work becomes a new norm during the year of change in 2020.

WE Teach

This programme focuses on 5 essential skills for EDUCATORS: Lesson Planning, Lesson Delivery, Understanding the Learner’s Profile, Positive Classroom Culture, Assessment and Feedback.

John Maxwell Team Leadership Programme

The John Maxwell Team is equipped with the best leadership tools, skills and resources to enhance your success in both your personal and professional life. The training and coaching programme offered in Inspiring ConneXion is based on John Maxwell bestselling books.

Becoming a Person of Influence

What does it take to be an Influencer? In this programme, we learn the fundamental principles of an INFLUENCER.

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Are you comfortable and stagnating OR uncomfortable and growing? In this programme, we learn to apply the 15 laws and grow intentionally. 

Put Your Dream to the Test

Dream is FREE but the Journey is NOT. In this programme, you go through a ‘Dream Test’ and seize your dream with greater clarity.

How to Be a REAL Success

This program is based on the following John Maxwell book’s: Relationships 101, Equipping 101, Attitude 101 and Leadership 101.

Leadership GOLD

Are you a good or great leader? In this programme, we ran the key essence of becoming a great leader and improve the organisation’s productivity.

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

In this programme, we learn 5 fundamental principles to be a connecting communicator.

Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling can be incorporated into the training and coaching programme. We are certified to administer the
1. DISC Assessment
2. Workplace Big 5 4.0
We provide a wide range of personality reports for both profiling tools and the assessment will be conducted online. An hour complimentary coaching will be provided to assess you in the interpretation of the detailed report.

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